─ What is Fujikura Graphics ─ABOUT US

Fujikura Graphics is the Brand name for offset printing blanket products.
In 1895 FUJIKURA COMPOSITES,Inc produced Vulcanized coated fabric first in Japan.
By leveraging its technology we started producing offset printing blanket since 1957.
It has been more than 60 years since the first production of blanket,
we have provided blanket products to various printing companies in Japan as well as overseas,
and have kept doing product improvement in response to customer needs.
Fujikura Graphics will keep providing high quality products
as a partner of printing companies in the world.

Development and production of “Blanket”
suitable for latest printing environment

Fujikura Graphics has sold blanket products which are used in offset printing such as Sheetfed, Web Press, UV, Metal, Newspaper, Plastic, and Business form.
For about half century we have had business with companies not only in Japan but all over the world.

Various design requirements we receive from the partnership with worldwide customers has been input to our development. We are doing new design and development to respond to the requirements from customers.

One of our customer Is awarded as the best printing quality with excellent evaluation by using our Newspaper blanket at the International Contest.
Seeking for improvement and quality in life and culture, we will provide the product which has high-end feature and can contribute to the society.



  • Printing Material Sales Department, Sales Division

    General Manager

    Hisaki Sugimoto

    Printing Material Sales Department has manufacturing and sales offices in US and India as well as in Japan, and logistics offices in Europe and China to supply “Made in Japan” products.
    Our motto is challenging spirit to new things. Based on the compound technology and quality management cultivated from long experience,
    all members of one team will improve sales/technology/production/quality assurance to respond to our customer requirements.

  • Printing Material Sales Department, Sales Division

    Manager of Oversea section

    Tsuyoshi Otani

    Since I joined Fujikura Graphics
    I have engaged in overseas sales all the time.
    Currently I’m supplying our products through the following sales office; US, Netherland, China, and India. By carefully considering the printing environment based on the respective local market,
    I propose best fit product. Requirements from overseas customers may differ from what Japanese market needs in many cases, but I regard these requirement as an input to new development so as to lead to quality improvement.

  • Printing Material Sales Department, Sales Division

    Manager of Osaka section

    Makoto Kasahara

    Osaka section of Printing Material Sales Department In charge of sales activities in Western Japan area to propose the products from various line-up which would satisfy our customers by collaborating our distributors.
    Blanket performs the important role in offset printing. If you have any troubles at your press room. please feel free to contact with Our team members.

  • Printing Material Sales Department, Sales Division

    Manager of Tokyo section

    Yukio Rai

    I’m the sales manager at Tokyo section to cover Eastern part of Japan, from Hokkaido to Shizuoka.
    We are keeping in mind that we can constantly focus on gathering any information for the the next product development, and always try to provide advices that will solve several printing troubles.
    Also we constantly develop printing trends and are constantly pursuing ourselves to create high performance products that remain in the next generation. Please don't hesitate to contact us when you need any assistance and support for offset printing.


  • Technology Management Department, Technology & Manufacturing Division

    Manager of Printing Materials Design & Engineering Section

    Wataru Sakurai

    We technical team work with the motto to have direct communication as much as possible with customers on product quality and product usage without having sales to go through, so that we can understand customer requirement accurately and give feedback to product design. When our team members visit your place, please do not hesitate to give your straight opinion.

  • Quality Assurance Group, Technology & Manufacturing Division

    Manager of Printing Materials Quality Assurance Section

    Takami Yasukawa

    Many of our blanket products have unique features, based on around 60 years of production experience and with a background of accumulated expertise.
    Our purpose is to achieve our quality policy of company principle, to provide products which would satisfy customers all the time, and we are working hard to improve quality.

  • Printing Materials Group, Technology & Manufacturing Division

    Manager of Printing Materials Group Manufacturing Section

    Yasushi Kayawake

    Our production facility is located in Iwatsuki-ku, Saitama-city, there many manufacturing staff engage in production and production control of blanket products, which is key part of printing machine.
    In order to improve the quality of blanket, we are doing initiatives such as to maintain and improve production process, to have stable operation of production machines, and to upgrade the manufacturing skill level of each staff.
    I keep working hard to provide assurance along with product delivery from here Iwatsuki factory.

Overseas staff

  • Fujikura Graphics, Inc. United States

    National Sales Manager

    Mr. Howard Zucker

    Fujikura Graphics Inc. acquired the local converter in November 2011. Since the acquisition our division has moved to a more modern state of the art converting facility. Each day we receive some orders need to ship the same day we receive them.
    Our sales team consists of three people. We make joint sales calls with our distributors and act as their press room consultants.
    Technically as a group we offer a wealth of experience to our customers.

  • Fujikura Graphics Hong Kong

    Sales Manager / Asia Pacific Region

    Mr. Telly Tam

    It is very important to provide in time service to the customers in China.
    We can deliver from our warehouse in Hangzhou to all location within China in a timely manner. Our service staff in China can provide technical support on product testing as well as solving issues.
    We continue to increase our awareness to the market and provide competitive products to our customers.

  • Fujikura Graphics India Pvt. Ltd. India

    Chief Operation Officer

    Mr. Rishi Vidhawan

    My Involvement with Fujikura Graphics India began from the day of its inception and ever since setting up Joint Venture Project. It has been my dream to make Fujikura a Nationwide brand in India and we are close to achieving this dream with presence in all parts of India. India has always been a challenging market and customers now understand the value of quality which has been the greatest factor of our success and we hope to continue on the same path with a wide range of offering from Fujikura.

History of Printing Material Department

1901 Fujikura Electric Wire & Rubber Co., Ltd is established and begins producing mackintosh rubberized fabric.
1948 Company name changed to FUJIKURA RUBBER LTD.
1957 Began production of offset printing blankets in Iwatsuki factory (Iwatsuki-ku, Saitama-shi).
1974 Fujikura concludes a contract with Rollin S.A. of France to provide technical assistance related to printing blankets.
1998 Printing Material division received ISO 9001 certification.
2004 The Iwatsuki Plant received ISO14001 certification.
  • Established Blanket Sales division in Fujikura Composite America, Inc. (Local subsidiary in California, US)
  • HANGZHOU FUJIKURA COMPOSITES CO.,LTD, subsidiary in Hangzhou, China, started selling blanket.
2007 Established European distributor, Fujikura Composites Europe B.V. in Amsterdam in Netherland.
2009 Established FUJIKURA GRAPHICS, INC. in Illinoi, US, by separating from Fujikura Composite America.
2011 Acquired PIC in US and established Fujikura Graphics Inc to start converting business.
2016 Established joint venture subsidiary, Fujikura Graphics India Pvt Ltd. In Kolkata, India.